May 30, 2009

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May 23, 2009

Purpose and Reason in Conceptual Communications

Purpose and Reason in Conceptual Communications
By Cyrellys Geibhendach
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Communication examination on the subject of extraterrestrials and contact has been and still is a critical need in current human reality. When we pause to consider that in the last hundred years our population explosion, our use of electricity and mechanical devices, including nuclear technology, as well as our many forms of broadcast communications, we have literally ‘lit up’ our world. It is akin to setting up a digital billboard in your front yard advertising your presence. Therefore it can be theorized that the matter of Extra-terrestrial Contact is a subject which if we don’t go to the trouble of immersing ourselves in before-hand, it will come home to roost literally over our heads eventually, unexpected, into a population unsettled by its complete surprise to the event.

Beyond the obvious discussions engaged in the subject matter within Exopolitics, Ufology, and Science Fiction Literature, who else has made early efforts at broaching this topic? And what is its importance to Exopolitical Mediation? A recent article from a website in the exopolitical field specializing in exopsychology has examined the sparse address of the subject and notes the following:

“Theologians take the prize for being first off the mark, for having had lengthy discussions about the existence of extraterrestrials, and possible contact scenarios. Their work has been so extensive that it deserves a separate entry,” [1} – Michael Gintowt.

Mr. Gintowt, a notable psychologist delving into exopsychology, has published another remarkable article on his blog: Exopsychology In the article titled “Exoisms: foreshadowing of a New Age, or macro-egoism?” he examines the “trailblazers who have considered the implications of contact with an Intelligent Extraterrestrial Race (ET).” He explores his interest in the meaning and relevance of visionary extensions into an uncertain future and considers how the strength of our collective vanity as a race may hinder us in our conceptual explorations of contact scenarios. For all those interested in the mechanics involved in exopolitical mediation, I highly recommend this article for it gives due consideration to the baggage which all participants, including the Mediator, his or herself, can and will bring to the communications table.

Our examinations of contact scenarios are forms of conceptual communications or if you prefer, preparations for experiential communications in which the concepts or abstract notions and mental impressions of contact scenarios are played out in practice. These surface from our collective understanding of reality, incorporating endless ideas of what ET life might exist as, and then are experimented with for their logic and potentialities. Within these scenarios are enmeshed contact mythologies and sometimes even the asserted Contact Experience. Michael rightly explores our psychological reasonings, aspirations, and pursuit of “uncertain patterns”.

After relating a number of examples, he goes on to say, “that the evidence (for contact) is not crystal clear, unambiguous, and simple to behold. It is fuzzy, vague, incomplete, and a perfect backdrop for the projection of our mental contents.”

Now how do these explorations benefit exopolitical mediation? What does this understanding of evidence for contact as ambiguous or incomplete, bring to the communication table or the application of a mediator skills? Of what use is conceptual communications on the subject of Contact to exopolitical mediation? This is where I think we revitalize how we look at communication. ”Looking at communication, not just through it to see how it affects other things, gives us a way of thinking about the events and objects of the social world that differs substantially from the modernistic way of thinking. Our attention is drawn to wholes rather than parts; to dynamics rather than substances; to reflectivity rather than linear relations; and to interactions rather than single actions,” [2] W. Barnett Pearce, School of Human and Organization Development, Fielding Graduate University.

The conceptual communications within the dynamics of Exopolitics or those built during mediation or even others presented complete through the direct contact experiencer, gives us the ability to closely examine the root context within which the information originates for the purpose of deep understanding of the communications and participants involved. It will likely be a conglomeration of the participants and experiencer’s interpretations and the source intent of their experience. Context in exopolitical mediation includes but is not limited to, the experiencer’s and participants’ culture, their psychological state, their educational and life experience level, and their personal mythos of individual existence…so too will it also include the level of ability, type and style of communication, and intents on the part of the extra-terrestrial contacting party, as well as a whole series of contextual ranges on the part of the receiving public who is without doubt a theoretical if not actual participant in the mediation circle. An in-depth examination of context is very important to facilitating the mediator’s understanding of the participants involved in the mediation. This examination of context allows us to delineate the actual identity of participants in the mediation circle.

It is in my mind to suggest that it may be worthy for exopolitical mediators to look, within the context, at the instigator of both our own ‘mental contents’ and that of our participants various ‘mental contents’, the oh so infamous ego, as another participant to the mediation circle. The ego inserts its own purposes and needs and therefore may transcend or overtake the communication process, intent, or specific content. By placing the ego within its own category as a participant we give ourselves awareness of its presence and It, its own voice, so that we can therefore gain an opportunity to separate it from the originating source of individual communications.

What is ego? Is it a true representation of us? When we stop to consider ego in our lives, most of us would say no, that is not truly us, not deep down because we have separated what we tend to fall into existentially from what we think of ourselves as mentally, and what we expect or strive for ourselves to be. The pressure to conform to our human ego is very great. Our egos are wrapped up in our social perception of societal expectations which are both extrinsic, concerning relationships of our social groups, and intrinsic, concerning our own behavior, opinions, issues, values, and goals as expected by ourselves or of us by our social groups. The ego is a construct of all these things and does not always adhere to what we really believe or value in ourselves or others.

The exopolitical mediator can use the delineation and identification of ego in the scope of examining conceptual communications and their contexts to increase his or her ‘interpersonal linkage power '[3]. This power is the mediator's ability based on their perceived influence with people who control psychological or social resources within a participatory group. This power is necessary to developing a group culture among participants where a collective personality and point of view or understanding is negotiated by the members (participants) of the mediation group; in whatever way those participants are defined in the mediation process.

In closing I offer a reference to conceptual communications, in which Michael Gintowt refers to speculation about ETs, giving it a definition as, “about attempting to lead the way into the future, to break new ground, to innovate, to find meaning in work, and contribute by asking questions, as opposed to furnishing answers – which is a good thing, because excellent science is based on asking the right questions.”

[Congratulations go to the theologians for taking the initiative to be among the trail-blazers, those who dove in first.]


[1] Exopsychology, “Exoisms: foreshadowing of a New Age, or macro-egoism?”, Michael Gintowt, 2009

[2] TOWARD COMMUNICATIVE VIRTUOSITY: A MEDITATION ON MODERNITY AND OTHER FORMS OF COMMUNICATION© W. Barnett Pearce, 2005, School of Human and Organization Development, Fielding Graduate University

[3] Creating Competent Communications, Yoder, Hugenberg, Wallace, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 1996, page 326.

May 21, 2009

Discerning Conduits of Influence and Communication in Exopolitical Mediation

Discerning Conduits of Influence and Communication in Exopolitical Mediation
By Cyrellys Geibhendach
May 20, 2009

In Exopolitical Mediation, communication among parties rarely occurs within a typical mediation setting. In mainstream typical mediation, individual participants meet directly with the mediator first individually and then collectively in an agreed upon location. In Exopolitical Mediation the mediator may be directly involved in only one of the participants but provides avenues of information exchange to the public, among other participants, and among other exopolitical conduits. Connection with the public, for example, can range in its extensiveness from a simple release of a report on the internet to the more involved release of a book with corresponding interviews and other promotional activities. Exopolitical Mediation in this way immediately deviates from typical traditional forms of Mediation. However there remains universal aspects to it such as confidentiality of the participants. This makes some of the mechanics of exopolitical mediation unique in the general field of mediation.

Exopolitical Mediation currently occurs in a setting where the Mediator may administer contact with a paradigm participant or source, who holds a perceived position of purposeful leadership in or for that particular release. This does not mean that all communication within the mediation case occurs in conduit through the Mediator. Often the Mediator represents only one avenue of communication and networks in the open with other conduits which may well vary in nature. An example of a variant of conduit can be seen in a release of a recent article in the NY Times, entitled “A Climate Solution That’s Out Of This World”[1]. This variant is a unspecific non-mediated example under the understanding within Exopolitics that the mainstream media outlets are heavily controlled and restricted from serious publication of information or dialog on the subject of extra-terrestrial contact. So for such a release as the one referenced to occur, a sanction to communicate under specific conditions is assumed to have been given. This defines the article as a representation of communication from an additional conduit in an environment still engulfed in secrecy and non-disclosure orientation.

Recognizing additional conduits in a multi-factional environment is a problematic issue for Exopolitical Mediators. Most of this problem can be mitigated by having an understanding of the current exopolitical condition which includes continually evolving evaluative analysis of the existential evidence of a contact control structure. Exopolitical Mediators try to balance their understanding of the exopolitical condition through extensive reading and networking with other exopoliticians. Through these forms of self-education the productive and destructive strategies used by the contact paradigm constituents becomes apparent. An effective Exopolitical Mediator develops his or her ability to ‘listen carefully for’ other conduits within the paradigm. “In the most general sense, we have communication whenever one system, a source, influences another, the destination, by manipulation of alternative signals which can be transferred over the channel connecting them,” Osgood.[2]

The variety and necessity of obscure communication conduits arose out of the inherent or perceived needs of the parties behind them, in the pervasive secrecy climate of the last sixty odd years. The contact paradigm has carried the highest level of secrecy status possible within the United States as far as government and its contact paradigm extensions have been concerned. This has caused a fractured and multi-factional situation whereas the realms (social worlds) of pro and non-disclosure are again broken into many portions which continue fractional existence in many compartmentalized sub-groups. The extent of sub-groupment is not fully known at this time but releasing sources have routinely described the compartmental nature of the contact control structure and the confusing web of geopolitical inter-relationships which have grown so complex as to defy rational explanations or descriptions. These inter-relations compete with each other on many levels and spill over into the public presence where they are taken up and mirrored by open humanity in its opinions, and aggressive competing behaviors.

It is important for the Exopolitical Mediator to be aware of the variety and subtleness of communication forms and conduits in order to understand the various social worlds which lie within the contact paradigm. When the mediator understand the social worlds involved then it becomes possible to understand the various survival strategies and goals which pervade them. The Exopolitical Mediator comes face to face with these strategies and goals in life changing ways and must work among them to achieve cohesion of the participants in the evolutionary environment of potential human disclosure. “If we believe that the way we communicate makes the social world in which we live, and that these forms of communication make different social worlds, then it follows that, if we are to accept our responsibility for making the kind of social world in which we want to live and which we want to bequeath to our grandchildren, we should develop our ability to discern, differentiate, and selectively call into being preferred forms of communication,” W. Barnett Pearce.[3]

There are many types of survival strategies which are associated with the forces behind individual conduits. The nature of the individual strategies involved, also vary in the perceptibility of their existential natures. It is up to the mediator to be discerning to every extent possible to comprehend those natures. Some of the strategies encountered will be either pro-disclosure nature or non-disclosure nature with contents that range among conflict avoidance strategies, competitive conflict strategies, and cooperative strategies. It is the responsibility of the exopolitical mediator to focus on the process by which he is managing his interaction with these strategies and to try to avoid getting caught up in the conflict generating potential some of them have. The exopolitical mediator is not there wage a war but is there to assist the participants to communicate, establish connection and interaction, and to help them find their acceptable avenues for future development of collective options, goals, and common ground.


[1] Exopolitical Conduit Release Example: A climate solution that's out of this world,
by Anne C Mulkern, published: May 14, 2009

[2] Communication for Social Change Anthology: Historical and Contemporary Readings, A Farewell to Aristotle “Horizontal Communication”, Lewis Ramiro Beltrain, 1979, (SOME TERMS AND ASSOCIATED MEASURES FOR TALKING ABOUT COMMUNICATION, Charles E Osgood, (Urbana, Illinois, Institute For Communications Research 1961) pg 48,) pg 158,,&source=bl&ots=6BGLQatRbP&sig=krL_ZSeeX344i9EmJSmtNLcl9QE&hl=en&ei=ATwUSunGBKCc8QTl-5CKBA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3#PPA158,M1

“In the most general sense, we have communication whenever one system, a source, influences another, the destination, by manipulation of alternative signals which can be transferred over the channel connecting them.” Osgood. Pg 158

[3] TOWARD COMMUNICATIVE VIRTUOSITY: A MEDITATION ON MODERNITY AND OTHER FORMS OF COMMUNICATION © W. Barnett Pearce, 2005, School of Human and Organization Development, Fielding Graduate University,

“If we believe that the way we communicate makes the social world in which we live, and that these forms of communication make different social worlds, then it follows that, if we are to accept our responsibility for making the kind of social world in which we want to live and which we want to bequeath to our grandchildren, we should develop our ability to discern, differentiate, and selectively call into being preferred forms of communication.” Pearce, Pg 20

Regarding Control, Influence, & Excellence; Pertinent Information for Exopolitical Mediators

Regarding Control, Influence, & Excellence; Pertinent Information for Exopolitical Mediators
by Cyrellys GeibhendachFriday,
May 15, 2009

I am going to wax more philosophical for a moment to deep the external and personal context within which Exopolitical Mediators operate. This examines the effect of human control and human influence and their contributional values. So to does it delve into the philosophy of the pursuit of excellence and how the concepts of control and influence are regarded.

Our control in this life, I think is limited in many ways but our Influence is not. If we continue on a chosen ethical path then we will remain limited in our control for quite sometime in many respects, because the honoring of Free Will is a part of being ethical. But as we, the human race, progress in our existential explorations we will come to realize that the long-term benefits of ethical choices gives us exponential leaps in Influence. We cannot force anyone human or otherwise to believe or fully understand something....but we can Influence them to be self-empowered to progress in their own way.

As our Influential ability grows it reverberates throughout our own people bringing a potential toward briliance of self...this is the positive outcome of chosing ethical far outweighs and out-distances any usefulness of control. One day such a chosen path and skill of Influence could extend to create ourselves into an Influential Example for other races who may at that point be asking many of the same questions we ask about ourselves and extra-terrestrial races today....but we have to invest in our own self improvement first...this process of experiencing, learning and sharing is part of respecting Excellence in Life.

Why do some humans have a negative view of the world and everything which goes with it? Where does this dispondency come from? I think that is because humanity's moments of weakness have encompassed some individuals and groups more than others....their negative views are a consequence of the Human Race's areas of self neglect and therefore are self well as being a self-perpetuating consequence on an individual level once it has occured thus becoming a vicious cycle. Can this be changed? Certainly. But like anything worth doing it takes sometimes a great deal of effort and consistency.

I don't believe humans are more negative than think the perception of that is based solely on personal experience and just as dandilions will group in various and particular areas of a yard, so too does positive and negative natures...sometimes it is luck of the draw as to what we routinely encounter...sometimes it is an innate human need to address deep personal or spiritual issues and then work through them which brings us in contact once or repetatively with negativity. We don't yet conceptualize this clearly and firmly where we may then teach it to the next generations in order that they might better understand or percieve what themes they are involved in or why they manifest around or within our individual life circle.

This matter of what we teach of our Knowledge to the future generations and even the current ones is very much a subject of concern to the Exopolitical Mediator....from my own perspective and history, my ancestors both ancient and recent have always regarded Knowledge as sacred. So too is the possession of it a sacred trust. This sacred trust doesn't mean that Knowledge was intended to be kept sequestered among the priviledged few. It was once regarded that the Knowledge of our Race was a trust given to us by the "Gods" or "Ancients" and that to fail to teach it or pass it from generation to generation was a severe crime. There are three kinds of Knowledge: the Nature of each thing, the Cause of each thing, and the Influence of each thing. To seek to aquire knowledge of all things which is in its pure form, the effort to Understand, is a great part of respecting and pursuing Excellence. The other part of that is sharing the knowledge and wisdom earned.

Maturity comes from is the assimilation of knowledge and its practical, ethical application by a person practicing Virtue and then its evolution and manifestation as Wisdom. To practice Virtue is to honor the rule of law, to be honest, and to be proud. Pride in this context is not an ill expressed behavior of dominance, instead it is both a depth of understanding of self worth, and also a confidence in self, which is then expressed in honorable character. When an individual can value one's self then so to are they then equipped to find the inherent truth and value in others. Many Christians, to give it a more familiar example for you, express this as loving themselves as God would love them so that in turn they may love and express love among others.

Is any of this positive nature or the negatives we tend to dwell on an inherent script within our DNA?....I don't think so. These wisdoms are universally part of our education to be individually discovered in this life. What I see inhibiting humanity at this time is their Communication Skills, and willingness to Share. They forget or fear or fail to understand that Sharing or Teaching what they learn is all a part of the whole process. Somewhere they have lost the skill or inclination to reach out with their life, their reality and integrate it with others in a contributional way. This lack of awareness and understanding is creating waves of self-inflicted fear, pain, and chaos which causes perpetuation of the problem. This is something which can be remedied. Someone must go first. Individuals must be willing to lead through example. This is why there is so much potential in the Contact Paradigm and all its facets of existential experience. It gives the opportunity for individuals to remedy this difficulty or inhibition I have described...the vicious cycle of negative circles can be broken....and a fresh paradigm of new choices for human potential laid out for perusal.

Mediator Neutrality Applied in Exopolitical Mediation

Mediator Neutrality Applied in Exopolitical Mediation
by Cyrellys Geibhendach
Friday, May 15, 2009

In traditional Mediation, mediator neutrality is the action of the mediator to remain neutral which means to not issue or imply judgment. A mediator seeks understanding rather than development of an opinion which results in judgment. This ability to be and remain neutral is incredibly important for success in traditional mediation. Rachel Fishman Green, Esq., describes the benefits of neutrality in the following way, “If I really understand how you are feeling, what this experience has done to you, what this means for you, the challenges that you are facing as you try to restructure your life – then I can help (others) understand these things. And I can also make sure that (what) we put together takes care of you and your needs.”

The same is applicable to Exopolitical Mediation. The participant or group and the inter-lying public which the Exopolitical Mediator works with has needs, hopes, and expectations just as participants in traditional mediation do. The human equation is no different in this respect and does indeed demand a voice to be heard and received seriously. The act of experiencing mediation is very powerful and can facilitate not only understanding but also changes to peoples goals and outlooks. This lays a tremendous burden of responsibility upon the Mediator to maintain a position of holistic caring service which is created when a mediator maintains neutrality.

Every individual experiences life from a perspective. That perspective will be a consequence of their knowledge, their experiences, their health, and their maturity. No other person is more appropriate to speak about their lives or their needs than themselves. In the Contact Paradigm the ability to communicate and be treated with dignity and respect is severely hampered by many layers of confusion, fears, illegitimate ridicule, inadequate knowledge and experience as well as the human tendency to compete or dominate. Mediation gives the opportunity for all voices to approach the human collective consciousness and be heard fairly in our reality.

An Exopolitical Mediator in remaining neutral does not judge and does their best to listen to everything that a participant or group has to say. The Mediator will ask questions to garner the best understanding of the information that he/she can. And the Mediator will assist in brainstorming to figure out how best to achieve a person's or group's needs. An Exopolitical Mediator will use all of the tools at their disposal to make sure that each party involved in the mediation HEARS the other.

One of the valuable skills a Mediator can apply is evaluating the communication of a participant to encourage improvements or additions which help prevent miscommunication. In Exopolitics the distance between the participant and the public audience, if that is the end recipient or alternate party in the mediation, can issue misconceptions or misconstrue the information or intents involved. The Mediator works to alleviate this known difficulty through experience & scope of paradigm awareness. Here again mediator neutrality comes into play, allowing the Mediator great flexibility of perception themselves.

A neutral mediator helps to improve communication by helping all parties or participants involved to understand where the other(s) are coming from. No party involved has to agree with the other(s) but it helps to understand why you disagree or where or why differences exist.

Mediators often feel great empathy for the participants. They not only perceive needs but they also perceive the emotions, challenges, and strength of personal investment involved in the participant's experiences, information, and existential position. The Mediator's job is to utilize this depth of their own perception to help all parties increase their understanding of each other and then to facilitate the best way for them to communicate or interact effectively. His or her greatest challenge is to understand everyone involved.

And the ultimate goal is the honest and honorable exchange of Truth.

May 11, 2009

An Invitation To Compass Morainn

When we talk about Exopolitics, we speak mostly of events or information about the mirad forms of extra-terrestrial contact. Rarely do we focus upon the individuals who bring us the events or information. These individuals come from a wide range of backgrounds some such as Contactees and Abductees from the public sector. Others such as Whistleblowers and sanctioned military or corporate releasers, step only far enough from the shadows to give indication that they exist but little more.

These varied individuals rarely come forward alone. Often they request assistence from researchers within the fields of exopolitics, ufology, conspiracy, and the many more formal sciences to reach out to the public world where the gift of the unknown can bear a heavy personal toll. The researchers and other service providers who interconnect with them are Exopolitical Mediators. They bridge the gaps between the functional daylight and the shadows of our reality. Working as a neutral third party, the exopolitical mediator assists one or more participants to reach out in a variety of ways amidst an uninformed public.

In an ever increasing disclosure oriented environment, this service has become crucial to the lives of many Contact experiencers. It gives them the ability to maintain their dignity and autonomy and provides a voice in the events, experiences, and interactions impacting not only their own lives but the broader global spectrum of the Contact Paradigm encompassing the peoples of Earth.

For over sixty years practicing exopolitical mediators have functioned alone, independently, rarely ever connecting with others in the same field for they were few and far between. Today with the explosion of the Exopolitical field of study, their ranks have swelled around the world. Yet still they have not had a network to call their own or resources to assist them in providing the service to humanity which they have taken unto themselves as their personal calling.

Today I would like to introduce you to the debut of that network. Compass Morainn is an association of Exopolitical Mediators, working to establish and improve this newly organizing field of service called Exopolitical Mediation, within the collaborative fields of Exopolitics, Sociology, Cultural-Anthropology, Psychology, History, Medicine, and Law. Their website is

It is a new tool for exopolitical mediators with information pertinent to their trade, trade news, a member forum, website translation, and soon a dedicated database and blog for members publications on the subject. You are cordially invited to visit the Compass Morainn site and review information about Exopolitical Mediation and Mediators. The site is open to the public and membership for those interested in the field is free of charge.

Cyrellys Geibhendach

A Response to Discord Over Oathkeepers

The Service Men & Women of Oathkeepers are correct in their assessment. This country, its freedom, its quality of life, and its inherent Spirit is ALL in distress.

The majority of the public who does not understand this has not been paying attention. They assume that the system functions as it was designed to do. But the system has been usurped from the inside. International Corporations exert nearly totalitarian influence here along with a perminent shadow government which is a result of the continuity of government institution built by prior administrations. If you don't fully understand what I'm talking about I strongly suggest you go take a deep look at the Executive Orders list spanning back to the beginning (through multiple presidencies).

All of this is tied into the Contact Paradigm. To understand this you must consider that researchers percieve that there are two forms of this Corruption and MANY Factions. One form is very ancient and has been planning and working for a tremendously long time toward a One World Government/Control. The other is relatively new and grew out of the modern experience of Extra-terrestrial Contact. Both are corporate controlled/influenced but the latter has the potential to be an ETHICAL evolution toward a United Earth in which the US Constitution and all it stands for is not upsurped but restored in full and in which the sovereignty & cultures of other Countries remains intact through and after a process of open collaborative unification.

I don't believe we as a planet are quite ready for a world government....especially when the ancient corruption within has not been fully recognized and dealt with. Contact experienced as a peaceful Global Community would suffice is my personal opinion but many within politics in general think some form of unification for a representative Global Government can be done at this time. They are currently working on it.

However the people watch this carefully and if the institution of a police state within these United States of America is not ceased and desisted there WILL be trouble. Many are alarmed. There has for example been serious talk of ceding in both Texas and Montana, probably other places as well behind the scenes. Montana's legislature was in the news recently about that. People are not only alarmed about the recent state of affairs but are horrified....and becoming very affraid to talk about it. Did you know that the Fusion Centers popping up with their hands in the local law enforcement services do not report to the Governor of the State? They bypass the Governors office and report to the Federal Government. ALL of the public demonizing reports that have cropped up lately like the MIAC Report have been issued from the Feds. Do you 'own' a gun for any purpose? Well then you ARE on a list somewhere and are potentially a terrorist according to them....that really ought to be alarming to any sensible person. But you have been deliberately 'trained' to be complacent and addicted to controlled forms of adrenaline management like sports, action media, and distractions like interactive t.v...if you are too tired when you come home from work and are too wrapped up in basic day to day survival then you would be craving down time and have no inclination to pay much REAL attention to what is happening around you.

You have been taught that to protest anything is bad and an extreme behavior indicative of psychiatric shortcomings. The Elite long ago realized just how maleable the public is and they've been having a field day with you. Now they are looking at shutting down or transforming the one last resource which has yet eluded their full control...the internet.

How this near future evolves very much depends upon the many becomeing involved and most importantly AWARE. Forward movement toward a Global Government probably won't be stopped at this late date. And perhaps if Source A's people are fully accurate in their understanding of what they have put forth regarding the Conformers arriving in 2017 then perhaps we shouldn't fully halt this movement....but BY ALL MEANS you SHOULD BABYSIT this movement. You must become involved and exert your massive influence to choose the most ethical paths for it to take. You MUST correct DAMAGE DONE. If this doesn't happen then the few who ARE aware will take matters into their own hands and pull you into choosing, by your bootstraps if need be, they will force you to see. They will force everyone's hands before the ultimate tyranny can be instituted. Right now because the public is deliberately refusing to look around them, the sides are being delineated. This is the fire before the storm folks....I have warned that this is happening, that a coming conflict can be avoided.

When you hear of Service Men and Women delineating what they will or won't do then that is a serious distress signal. They of all people have every right to fly the flag in distress position for they are in an advanced guard position to see first hand the problems being issued. This is their way of yelling from the rooftops for the whole world to hear that there is a problem and the people's attention and assistance is required. If that attention and assistance is not forthcoming then at least they have indicated where they will stand and with whom they will stand in any resulting conflict.

The very center of this whole situation is now the Contact Paradigm. It is the major instigator at this time and is a window into the depths of power, control, and the reasoning behind it. Humanity has an opportunity to ascribe a nature to this direction of movement by acknowledging the Extra-terrestrial Presence, its history, and ALL THE ASSOCIATED ASPECTS thereby allowing you to insert ethical control and influence. You MUST gain must gain collaboration and teamwork with the Contact Paradigm Control Structure of the Insiders. There is a path here which will take you successfully and safely through the swamp with its fog and quick sand traps....there is the way intent, by action, by positive and ethical construction....

it won't happen through talk alone.


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"Death of Free Internet is Imminent - Canada Will Become Test Case"
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 20:23:03 +0000

EXOPOLITICS NOTE: Exopolitics and ET/UFO-related broadcasters and publishers are now organizing as below, to to consider (1) an online banner ad awareness campaign, and (2) legislation in the U.S. Congress and the Canadian Parliament to require all ISP's to offer unimpeded and open access to the Internet. For more information please contact Open Internet Campaign at exopolitics@....NOTE: If Canadian and U.S. ISPs are successful in implementing this per-site fee access charges on any sites outside a "corporate core" of websites, the entire area civil society, investigative journalism,public protest, issue advocacy, free speech will be decimated, as we rely in independent websites which are not tied into corporate sponsorship that would be part of ISP service plans. U.S. and Canadian web-based journalists and communicators are now gathering to consider (1) an online banner ad awareness campaign, and (2) legislation in the U.S. Congress and the Canadian Parliament to require all ISP's to offer unimpeded and open access to the Internet. For more information please contact Open Internet Campaign at peace@.... Thank you.

Please distribute far & wide.

Thank you.

Death of Free Internet is ImminentCanada Will Become Test CaseBy Kevin Parkinson
21/07/08 "Global Research" --
- In the last 15 years or so, as a society we have had access to more information than ever before in modern history because of the Internet. There are approximately 1 billion Internet users in the world B and any one of these users can theoretically communica te in real time with any other on the planet. The Internet has been the greatest technological achievement of the 20th century by far, and has been recognized as such by the global community. The free transfer of information, uncensored, unlimited and untainted, still seems to be a dream when you think about it. Whatever field that is mentioned- education, commerce, government, news, entertainment, politics and countless other areas- have been radically affected by the introduction of the Internet. And mostly, it's good news, except when poor judgements are made and people are taken advantage of. Scrutiny and oversight are needed, especially where children are involved. However, when there are potential profits open to a corporation, the needs of society don't count. Take the recent case in Canada with the behemoths, Telus and Rogers rolling out a charge for text messaging without any warning to the public. It was an arrogant and risky move for the telecommunications giants because it backfired. People actually used Internet technology to deliver a loud and clear message to these companies and that was to scrap the extra charge. The people used the power of the Internet against the big boys and the little guys won. However, the issue of text messaging is just a tiny blip on the radar screens of Telus and another company, Bell Canada, the two largest Internet Service Providers (ISP'S) in Canada. Our country is being used as a test case to drastically change the delivery of Internet service forever. The change will be so radical that it has the potential to send us back to the horse and buggy days of information sharing and access.In the upcoming weeks watch for a report in Time Magazine that will attempt to smooth over the rough edges of a diabolical plot by Bell Canada and Telus, to begin charging per site fees on most Internet sites. The plan is to convert the Internet into a cable-like system, where customers sign up for specific web sites, and then pay to visit sites beyond a cutoff point. From my browsing (on the currently free Internet) I have discovered that the 'demise' of the free Internet is slated for 2010 in Canada, and two years later around the world. Canada is seen a good choice to implement such shameful and sinister changes, since Canadians are viewed as being laissez fair, politically uninformed and an easy target. The corporate marauders will iron out the wrinkles in Canada and then spring the new, castrated version of the Internet on the rest of the world, probably with little fanfare, except for some dire warnings about the 'evil' of the Internet (free) and the CEO's spouting about 'safety and security'. These buzzwords usually work pretty well.What will the Internet look like in Canada in 2010? I suspect that the ISP's will provide a "package" program as companies like Cogeco currently do. Customers will pay for a series of websites as they do now for their television stations. Television stations will be available on-line as part of these packages, which will make the networks happy since they have lost much of the younger market which are surfing and chatting on their computers in the evening. However, as is the case with cable television now, if you choose something that is not part of the package, you know what happens. You pay extra.And this is where the Internet (free) as we know it will suffer almost immediate, economic strangulation. Thousands and thousands of Internet sites will not be part of the package so users will have to pay extra to visit those sites! In just an hour or two it is possible to easily visit 20-30 sites or more while looking for information. Just imagine how high these costs will be. At present, the world condemns China because that country restricts certain websites. "They are undemocratic; they are removing people's freedom; they don't respect individual rights; they are censoring information," are some of the comments we hear. But what Bell Canada and Telus have planned for Canadians is much worse than that. They are planning the death of the Internet (free) as we know it, and I expect they'll be hardly a whimper from Canadians. It's all part of the corporate plan for a New World Order and virtually a masterstroke that will lead to the creation of billions and billions of dollars of corporate profit at the expense of the working and middle classes. There are so many other implications as a result of these changes, far too many to elaborate on here. Be aware that we will all lose our privacy because all websites will be tracked as part of the billing procedure, and we will be literally cut off from 90% of the information that we can access today. The little guys on the Net will fall likes flies; Bloggers and small website operators will die a quick death because people will not pay to go to their sites and read their pages. Ironically, the only medium that can save us is the one we are trying to save- the Internet (free).

This article will be posted on my Blog, and I encourage people and groups to learn more about this issue. Canadians can keep the Internet free just as they kept text messaging free. Don't wait for the federal politicians. They will do nothing to help us.I would welcome a letter to the editor of the Standard Freeholder from a spokesperson from Bell Canada or Telus telling me that I am absolutely wrong in what I have written, and that no such changes to the Internet are being planned, and that access to Internet sites will remain FREE in the years to come. In the meantime, I encourage all of you to write to the media, ask questions, phone the radio station, phone a friend, or think of something else to prevent what appears to me to be inevitable.Maintaining Internet (free) access is the only way we have a chance at combatting the global corporate takeover, the North American Union, and a long list of other deadly deeds that the elite in society have planned for us. Yesterday was too late in trying to protect our rights and freedoms. We must now redouble our efforts in order to give our children and grandchildren a fighting chance in the future.

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Scientists find Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA
by John Stokes

Artistic representation from Eyewitness testimony of Asket, the extraterrestrial human woman, reference:
A group of researchers working at the Human Genome Project indicate that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: They believe so-called 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms.
The non-coding sequences are common to all living organisms on Earth, from moulds to fish to humans. In human DNA, they constitute larger part of the total genome, says Prof. Sam Chang, the group leader. Non-coding sequences, originally known as "junk DNA", were discovered years ago, and their function remained a mystery. The overwhelming majority of Human DNA is "Off-world" in origin. The apparent "extraterrestrial junk genes" merely "enjoy the ride" with hard working active genes, passed from generation to generation.
After comprehensive analysis with the assistance of other scientists, computer programmers, mathematicians, and other learned scholars, Professor Chang had wondered if the apparently "junk Human DNA" was created by some kind of "extraterrestrial programmer". The alien chunks within Human DNA, Professor Chang further observes, "have its own veins, arteries, and its own immune system that vigorously resists all our anti-cancer drugs."
Professor Chang further stipulates that "Our hypothesis is that a higher extraterrestrial life form was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them. Perhaps, after programming, our creators grow us the same way we grow bacteria in Petri dishes. We can't know their motives - whether it was a scientific experiment, or a way of preparing new planets for colonization, or is it long time ongoing business of seedling life in the universe."
Professor Chang further indicates that "If we think about it in our human terms, the apparent "extraterrestrial programmers" were most probably working on "one big code" consisting of several projects, and the projects should have produced various life forms for various planets. They have been also trying various solutions. They wrote "the big code", executed it, did not like some function, changed them or added new one, executed again, made more improvements, tried again and again."
Professor Chang's team of researchers furthermore concludes that, "The apparent "extraterrestrial programmers" may have been ordered to cut all their idealistic plans for the future when they concentrated on the "Earth project" to meet the pressing deadline. Very likely in an apparent rush, the "extraterrestrial programmers" may have cut down drastically on big code and delivered basic program intended for Earth."
Professor Chang is only one of many scientists and other researchers who have discovered extraterrestrial origins to Humanity.
Human Genome Project Coordinators find absolute proof of Extraterrestrial contact with 'Earth humans' via DNA evidence.
Professor Chang and his research colleagues show that apparent "extraterrestrial programming" gaps in DNA sequencing precipitated by a hypothesized rush to create human life on Earth presented humankind with illogical growth of mass of cells we know as cancer."
Professor Chang further indicates that "What we see in our DNA is a program consisting of two versions, a big code and basic code." Mr. Chang then affirms that the "First fact is, the complete 'program' was positively not written on Earth; that is now a verified fact. The second fact is, that genes by themselves are not enough to explain evolution; there must be something more in 'the game'."
"Soon or later", Professor Chang says "we have to come to grips with the unbelievable notion that every life on Earth carries genetic code for his extraterrestrial cousin and that evolution is not what we think it is."

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